Adrian Grenier Workout Routine

Adrian Grenier Workout

Adrian Grenier Workout

Adrian Grenier Workout!

We may not be able to look as great as this multi talented actor but we can learn something from the Adrian Grenier Workout Routine and philosophy.  Adrian’s philosophy towards being healthy isn’t your typical celebrity workout routine rather a little more frees spirited and conscious oriented.  An Adrian Grenier exercise routine usually never consists of doing the same thing twice in a row.  He focuses on what he likes to call sustainability and he accomplishes this by keeping his regiment “eclectic”.

From our evaluation, it appears that a Adrian Grenier workout plan is focused more on the internal balance, health and well being of the actor and less on what the physical appearance is as a result of his regiment.  And this makes sense because Adrian Grenier’s body isn’t physically ripped up but more proportioned and averagely fit.

If you do want to adopt some of his philosophy and workout like Adrian Grenier then here are some of the things he does to stay healthy physically and mentally:

Adrian Grenier’s Exercises & Alternative Fitness Regiment:

  • Yoga
  • Free Weights “pumping iron”
  • Running
  • Surfing
  • Eating Organic “recognizing that you are consuming for nutrition and not just because”


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