Basketball Workouts

Basketball Workouts

Basketball Workouts

Basketball Workout Drills And Strength Training

With the NBA growing in popularity, if your goal is to compete like the professionals then adding some of these Basketball Workouts into your practice is key.  The sport of basket ball is no longer just an American game.  With influence around the world basketball has become the avenue for so many international players to pursuit college scholarships and also compete at the highest levels for the multi million dollar contracts that can be achieved if you’re good enough to play at the professional level.

With so much competition standing in your way its important that your basketball workout incorporate conditioning exercises, strength training and plenty of practice drills, all working together to help improve your strength, timing, coordination and stamina.

Below is a list of some of the fundamental basketball workouts that can help you get better if you’re not already doing them:


  • Defensive Slides
  • Backboard Taps
  • Backboard Touches
  • 10 Spot Shooting Drill
  • Heavy rope (jump rope)
  • Square Pick Ups
  • Hot Shots
  • Speed Lay Ups
  • 5 Sprints in 5 minutes
  • Around the Waist (with the ball)
  • Pivot Shooting
  • One on One Moves Drill
  • Full Court Chair Series
  • Taps Drill
  • Power Dribble Into
  • Two up – Two Back
  • Drop Step Dribble
  • Diamond Agility Drill
  • No Hands Defense Drill
  • Pair Passing

Strength Training:

  • Right side pike –  25 reps
  • Left side pike –  25 reps
  • Medicine ball twist –  25 reps both ways
  • Pull ups –  12 reps
  • Dumbbell incline press –  12 reps
  • Barbell curl –  20 reps
  • Step ups w/basketball –  2 minute intervals
  • Leg curl –  12 reps
  • Lunges –  20 reps
  • Calf raise –  20 reps



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