Christina Ricci Workout Routine

Christina Ricci Workout

Christina Ricci Workout

Christina Ricci Workout!

Any fan of this actress who struggles with their weight will find the Christina Ricci Workout Routine doable and her personal  journey very much relatable.  Clearly, from looking at Christina Ricci’s body it’s obvious that she is in great shape for her small stature.  But surprising too many is that she has struggled off an on with her weight.

The struggle for her, like many of us, began in her youth where issues with her weight caused her to have low self esteem and dislike for her physical appearance.  This unfortunately lead to struggles with eating disorders throughout her youth, but the story had a happy ending.  Christina decided she had to do something to turn things around and improve her self worth and that’s exactly what she did.

Her approach isn’t one of these over the top typical celebrity workout routines that squeezes every bit of sacrifice out of you that you can muster. Rather the Christina Ricci workout plan is one that is efficient and focuses on the foods you eat while taking advantage of the in between time during a normal day.  Simple as it may be, this is the Christina Ricci exercise routine and mindset when it comes to managing her weight and looking beautiful:

  1. You can’t achieve it without working out, making plenty of sacrifice and dieting like crazy. But she doesn’t believe in dieting too the point that you’re punishing yourself simply because you don’t look like everyone else in a bikini.
  2. Her dieting includes eating a lot more protein and vegetables then she did in the past.
  3. Her exercise of choice is Pilates, of which her instructor has created three different routines that she can do throughout day that helps her maximize the minimal free time in her hectic day.

These are things that Christina does, with intense commitment, in order to maintain her health and great looks.  Not complicated at all and this approach makes it very easy for a fan to get fit the same way Christina Ricci does.


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