Lose 20 Pounds Before Your Wedding

Lose 20 Pounds Before Your Wedding

Lose 20 Pounds Before Your WeddingDress by: Allure Bridals

Here’s How To Shed The Pounds Before Your Wedding

It doesn’t require you to go to drastic measures in order to Lose 20 Pounds Before Your Wedding!  You don’t have to attempt any one of the countless celebrity endorsed crash diets that pushes your body to shed pounds in an abnormal amount of time.  It’s the time crunch associated with losing weight this way that leads to the unhealthy strain you put on your body.  And, the reason that many of these methods can be successful is the same reason that healthier approaches are successful too. Managing your calorie intake is the key.

If you reduce the amount of calories you consume from 2500 down too 500 over the course of a week or so, then of course you’re gonna drop pounds.  But, this approach is by no means the best way to lose weight before a wedding.  It may seem like an extreme scenario and it is but the reality is that thousands of women, if not more, are shocking their bodies into submission by reducing their calorie intake too such low levels that if allowed to go on for too long it can really harm you.  Which highlights another downside too crash dieting and that is no longevity.  You can’t sustain this type of relationship with food for a lifetime so when it comes to healthy weight loss doing a crash diet is really going to give you the total opposite affect of what you’re after.

If you want to know how to lose weight before your wedding and do it in a healthy sustainable manner… In a way that will continue to show benefits well after the last wedding picture has been taking, then you have to do these two things.  One, you have to give yourself enough time to lose the weight the right way rather than waiting until the last minute.  Secondly, you have to commit.  If you can do these two things than achieving your goal of losing 20 pounds before your wedding day is going to be possible.

Here are the Top Tips for Shedding Weight Before Your Wedding:

1. Build a support system if you’re not comfortable knowing how to get started exercising and eating better.  When it comes to exercising it’s worth the money to hire a personal trainer who has the knowledge to guide you and can motivate you towards reaching your goal. As far as how to start eating better, consider seeking out either a nutritionist or registered dietitian both of which are capable of helping you design a new plan for the way you eat.

2. If you’re comfortable going it alone or you’ve  already begun doing some type of exercising, as well as, eating healthier then you may want to consider adding one or more of these suggestions too your routine for maximum results:

  •  Sign up for a workout boot camp.  These can be great because you’re participating with a group of people. And if you’re lucky enough to find one designed especially for brides it can provide you with a wealth of motivation and positive reinforcement. Go with a boot camp that combines both strength and cardiovascular training, the combination of both approaches will help your body burn more calories faster.
  • Don’t skip eating, rather focus on eating smaller portioned and more frequent meals throughout the day.  This keeps your metabolism working but when you deprive your body of food instead of burning calories the body will store them up.
  • Eat more vegetables.  They contain plenty of nutrients with very little calories in comparison to other types of foods.
  • Cut soft drinks completely.  We over look the high levels of sugar in these drinks. When the body is over run with sugar it begins storing it up as fat.  And since we already consume some sugar through healthier foods like fruit the next best place to cut sugar intake is by eliminating soft drinks and other similar beverages.
  • You should be exercising at least  three to four times per week, so if you’re not already its time to step it up.  If you already are then trying adding another day too your routine to kick up the intensity level. Two rest days in between should still be plenty enough time for your body to recover and get ready for the next week.
  • Carry healthy emergency snacks with you so that you aren’t tempted to ransack a vending machine or stop at a fast food drive thru.
  • Drink more water and then drink some more.  Water hydrates us, sustain us and it helps fill you up.
  • Track what you’re eating. This is a great to rejuvenate a stalled out weight loss plan. When you’re able to go back and actually see how you ate that day you can more easily pin point your problem areas and make adjustments.  Exercising is important but it’s not everything.  If you continue to consume more calories than your body is burning off through activities the result is a combination that will always stall out your progress.
  • Really listen to your body. Pay attention to how it is responding too your exercise and food choices. The better you can recognize and manage these responses the easier losing weight becomes.
  • Reward Yourself!  Just because you’re eating healthier doesn’t mean you have to become this lean mean rigid eating machine.  Allow yourself a reward treat at least once a week. This will help keep you from losing your mind and going on a binge eating spree.  You don’t want to deprive yourself but rather find a balance that you can sustain for a lifetime. Once the wedding has past you can even turn your reward treat into a daily occurrence, just a much smaller portion, but for now just once a week because you’re on a deadline and we don’t need any major set backs.
  • No Time For Guilt!  For most of us it is inevitable that we will have a minor set back or two, whether its we went an entire week without working out or we spent the entire weekend eating all the wrong things because they just taste great.  At that moment your mindset has to be, I did it, it’s done, today’s a new day lets get back on track.  Once it’s done it’s done you can’t change it so there’s no reason to harp on it. Get yourself back on track and Focus On Your Goal!



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