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Coco Workout

Coco Workout

Coco Workout!

Born Nicole Austin, this swimsuit, lingerie and fitness model is highly known for her derriere but you will be more impressed with the Coco Workout Routine!  It appears fitness has been a part of Coco’s life from the very beginning, she actually taught aerobics classes for a while during the late 90’s.

From the information we’ve gathered one thing is clear about a Coco exercise routine and that is that she pretty much does all types of exercises and programs.  So if you want workout like Coco you can start by dancing, more specifically Coco makes use of the formal stretching moves that you would see a ballet dancer do.  This helps her to stay very flexible and limber which is great for improving your day to day functional movements.

When you look at Coco’s body you will also notice that she has lot of muscle tone and that is because her celebrity workout doesn’t exclude the gym.  She is not afraid to mix it up with the free weights and weight machines.  She does plenty of leg presses, leg extension, squats, ham string extensions, lunges and lat pull downs using the same workout machines, for strength training, that you can find in your average fitness club.

We can’t say it enough, the great thing about the way Coco works out is that she embraces it all and that makes it fun.  She proves that exercising doesn’t have to be a rigid experience and to support this notion even further…

Here are just some of Coco’s Favorite Workout Tips and Routines from her blog:

#62. Cardio workout for your thighs – Sprint on a treadmill as fast as you can for 2 minutes and then immediately slow down into a 2 minute jog while catching your breath. Then repeat this cycle for a total of 20 minutes.

#61. Treadmill 3 times a week in addition to alternating between Zumba, Boxing, Dancing and Body sculpting classes. Jogging at the park with her dogs as another way to change her work out routine daily.

#60. Uses the Power Plate Class workout machine. It’s a machine that vibrates while you’re on it. Coco says it’s excellent for the booty.

#57. Does side kicks on a punching bag for 3 sets at 20 reps.  Good for toning the legs and butt.

#58. She eats smaller portions of food throughout her day.

#56. Once a day she also drinks NuTek Pro% Protein shakes for women in order to feed and maintain her muscle tone.

#55. When doing ab crunches she exhales forcefully at the top of the crunch position in order to force her abs to work harder so she gets the most out of the movement and increase definition.

Again the one thing to take away from this article is that if you want to incorporate some of the Coco workout plan into your routine than variety is the key.  Constantly changing things up and not getting stuck on two or three exercises or training methods is what keeps the body getting leaner and stronger while you maintain the look you’re after.


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