Nicki Minaj Workout Routine

Nicki Minaj Workout

Nicki Minaj Workout

Nicki Minaj Workout!

Some call her a genius but there is no denying her beauty as we take a closer look into the Nicki Minaj Workout RoutineOur goal, to find out what is her philosophy when it comes to maintaining her curvacious body.  In what seems just a few short years, this singer, songwriter and voice actress has skyrocketed to the top of the charts in sales and popularity with the intensity of a celebrity workout routine.

Naturally a petite woman, Nicki Minaj’s body is the perfect placement of curves and muscle tone the likes of which many woman would give their hottest most expensive pair of pumps in exchange for.  You might assume that she works intensely at maintaining her figure and that a Nicki Minaj exercise routine would include personal trainers and hours spent in a gym.  Shockingly you would be wrong, actually to quote Nicki’s exact words “… I hate working out. I can’t stand being on a treadmill. That mentally irks me.”

So there you go, if you want to workout like Nicki Minaj then that means no traditional methods of working out at all.  Even though she does struggle at times  with keeping the extra pounds from packing on, her approach for dealing with losing weight and we quote “I just cut out sugar and starch”.  So simply put, Nicki’s method for managing her weight is to skip the traditional exercising and focus on her diet.  This method definitely works but its not as effective as combining a balanced diet with some sort of exercise to help ensure that you’re body is burning the maximum amount of calories it can.

After considering her approach and evaluating her body make up our team put together some suggestions for a Nicki Minaj workout plan that should help you firm up your buttocks, raise your chest and tighten up those arms:

  • Dancing:  Even though Nicki doesn’t like to workout, we determine that she actually does do an aerobic routine every time she goes out onto the stage to perform.  Dancing for a 15 – 30 minute set is a great way to burn calories and increase mobility.
  • Lunges and Squats:  These two exercises will not only strengthen your thigh muscles but will also help to firm and raise up your booty.
  • Push Ups:  This basic movement will help strengthen and firm up your chest, tighten up your triceps (the muscles on the back of your arms).
  • Pull Ups: This exercise can be a little more difficult but it will also help firm up your back, chest and arms.

If you didn’t notice, the great thing about this routine is that all of the exercises can be done at home, except for maybe the pull ups which require some sort of pull up bar to do.  All of the other movements require no weights unless you want to buy some 10 or 20 pound dumbbells to make things a little more challenging.

Try one or two of these movements at 15 reps per set for 3 to 5 sets each.  After a month of doing this routine you should see all your curves start to tighten and firm up.  Also, remember that as you get stronger things will get easier and that’s when you need to increase the number of reps, sets or weight resistance in order to get more results.


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