How To Relieve Stress

How To Relieve Stress

How To Relieve Stress

Top Ways To Relieve Stress

Most of us are probably guilty of taking for granted the importance of rest and relaxation so we’ve compiled our own list of Top Ways on How To Relieve Stress.  If you’re like me, for many years I didn’t even really understand what stress was, when I was going through it and had no comprehension of how it was affecting me.

Would you believe that in many ways stress is a good thing for us?  Stress is actually a needed and normal response, within our bodies, too anything  that disrupts your balance in some way.  In most cases our stress response is reacting manageable situations in our life.  The bodies releasing of these stress hormones help us to focus and  maintain energy levels under pressure situations.  And not just life or death situations but any common day scenario where you’re expected to compete and perform at a high level.

The problem occurs when the stressor that may be impacting you lasts too long or becomes so intense to the point that the burden of stress starts causing harm to your overall health. Stress overload can affect any and everything from your mind and mood, your body and energy level, too your behavior and relationships with others. The key is acknowledging  that stress exist and recognizing when it is starting to get out of control in your life.  Because we deal with stress daily on some level it becomes easy for us to expect it and then we condition ourselves to live with it. It’s this type comfort ability with stress that will cause you to overlook the harmful affects it’s having on you.  Below are some of our staffs favorite ways to relieve stress:

1. Massage Therapy – A great way to relax and relieve muscle tension.

2. Laughter In Your Life – It doesn’t matter how you do it but put yourself in a situation where you can laugh whether it’s through watching a movie, going to a comedy show or just hanging out with good friends who you’ve been too busy for.

3. Drinking Hot Tea – I don’t know what it is about drinking tea but many people vouch for the soothing and calming benefits of herbal teas like black tea and chamomile tea.

4. Exercise – Helps relieve pint up energy and it’s hard to think about your problems when you’re focused on completing your activity of choice.

5. Hobbies – There is no ones specific thing when it comes to doing a hobby.  Our team has many of them, but you it just needs to be something that you greatly enjoy doing, gives you peace of mind and doesn’t require a whole lot of pressure to do.

6. Sleep – For some of us when stress becomes to much we stop getting enough quality rest and that makes the situation worse.  Sleeping is the only opportunity where the body gets to restore and repair itself and if you continuously robbed your body of this process it will only compound the other stressors in your life.

7. Get Organized – Sometimes the impact of stress is compounded because of our outlook. We can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Something a simple as organizing things around you will bring structure and help you to better see the problems you’re facing and even more importantly the solutions too them.

8. Listening To Music – You want to aim for music that calms you, allows you to relax and escape emotionally. Music that puts you in a happy and optimistic place.

9. Eat Better – When you’re under heavy stress that is not the time to get all your meals from the vending machine and fast food drive thru.  This way of eating will only make it tougher your body, aim to eat more balanced meals that include fruits, vegetables and lean proteins like fish. One other thing to add, slow down and take your time to eat so that you really taste the food.

10. Don’t down play stress in your life!  Acknowledge it and be able to recognize how it affects you personally so you can then start incorporating things into your life that will help relieve those feelings.


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