Top 10 Sexiest Movies of The Decade

Top 10 Sexiest Movies of The Decade

Top 10 Sexiest Movies of The Decade

 What’s Your Favorite Sexy Movie?

Selecting our Top 10 Sexiest Movies of The Decade came down to deciding which actors and actresses had the most Fittest and Beautiful Bodies on screen. Truth be told, trying to come up with this top 10 list of movie releases was impossible. There are just too many great movies with healthy and beautiful in shape bodies on display. So we just simply tried to pick some of our favorites across different genres. Hope you like them and feel free to add your picks in the comment section below.


300 - The Movie




300 (2006) Action | Fantasy | History
Director: Zack Snyder
Stars: Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, David Wenham

Alexander - The Movie





Alexander (2004) Action | Adventure
Director: Oliver Stone
Stars: Collin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Rosario Dawson

 Magic Mike




Magic Mike (2012) Comedy | Drama
Steven Soderbergh
Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Olivia Munn

Mr. & Mrs. Smith - The Movie




Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) Action | Romance
Doug Liman
Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Adam Brody

Original Sin - The Movie





Original Sin (2001) Drama | Mystery | Romance
Director: Michael Cristofer
Stars: Antonio Banderas, Angelina Jolie, Thomas Jane

Swordfish - The Movie





Swordfish (2001) Action | Thriller | Crime
Director: Dominic Sena
Stars: John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry

The Break Up - The Movie





The Break Up (2006) Comedy | Romance
Director: Peyton Reed
Stars: Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn

The Dukes Of Hazzard - The Movie





The Dukes of Hazzard (2005) Comedy | Action
Director: Jay Chandrasekhar
Stars: Seann William Scott, Johnny Knoxville, Jessica Simpson

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - The Movie





The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) Crime | Mystery | Drama
Director: David Fincher
Stars: Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Christopher Plummer

The Notebook - The Movie





The Notebook (2004) Romance | Drama
Director: Nick Cassavetes
Stars: Gena Rowlands, James Garner, Rachel McAdams




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