Chris Brown Workout Routine

Chris Brown Workout

Chris Brown Workout

Chris Brown Workout!

If you’re a fan of this mega singer than following the Chris Brown Workout Routine is a great way to add exercise into your life.  To date, there hasn’t ever been an official release of a Chris Brown exercise routine but with a little digging we were able to determine some of the exercises that he does to keep his fit shape.

Another great thing about this celebrity workout routine is that it’s pretty basic and easy for anyone to do.  A Chris Brown workout plan involves dancing (of course), core strength and circuit weight training, along with playing basketball which is said to be one his most favorite activities.  See, not that complicated of an exercise plan at all. His approach doesn’t require going out and buying a whole lot of expensive equipment, instead all you need is a little motivation and will to get started exercising like him.

Below are some more details into Chris’s exercise regiment, compiled by our team, based on our experience after reading his bio and evaluating the physical shape of Chris Brown’s body:

  • Running:  It’s simple to get started doing and the only thing you have to spend money on is a quality pair of running shoes and a water bottle.  Running is also a sort of solitary type of exercise so you can set your own pace without feeling pressured to keep up.
  • Dancing:  Don’t underestimate how many calories you can burn by just turning on the music and getting your groove on at home.  As long as you are maintaining the intensity level for 10 minutes or more, then you’re mimicking the same approach you will find in most aerobic classes.
  • Core Training: Our list of great exercises for this type of workout include push ups, sit ups, abdominal crunches, planks, back extensions and leg raises.
  • Weight Training: To get started working out with weights all you need is a set of dumbbells.  Chose a weight that is not too heavy but will offer you some resistance.  With a set of dumbbells you can perform all of these movements right from home: straight arm pull over, bench press, lunges, shoulder press and bicep curls.

Try including some or all of these suggestions into your workout plan and see if you don’t get improvement.  Now of course, the chances of you ending up looking like this international superstar singer are slim but it doesn’t mean you can’t get into great shape as you workout like Chris Brown!


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