Abbie Cornish Workout Routine

Abbie Cornish Workout

Abbie Cornish Workout

Abbie Cornish Workout!

Just because you’re a fan of this talented actress doesn’t mean you have to become a vegetarian like her in order to do the Abbie Cornish Workout Routine.  Actually being a vegetarian is something that comes easy for Abbie considering this has been her normal diet since the age of 13, which is also about the same time she began modeling and acting.

So, if you want to workout like Abbie Cornish there’s a variety of exercises to choose from.  The only twist is that with an Abbie Cornish exercise routine all the movements are done in one complete session 3 to 4 times.  This type of celebrity workout routine is called circuit training.  The word circuit actually refers too the completion of multiple exercise movements in one session.

As she was preparing for the movie Sucker Punch, circuit training was the key component of the Abbie Cornish workout plan that she and her co stars used to get fit.   Below is a full description of one of the routines they used to whip Abbie Cornish’s body into shape:

First… remember circuit training is doing a session or set of 3 to 5 different exercises in order without resting.  That completes a circuit, after which you can rest before beginning the second set.  This type of workout is designed to make you versatile by building strength and burning high amounts of fat at the same time.

1. Heavy Rope Pulls – (30 seconds)
2. Kettlebell / Dumbbell Hoist – (30 seconds)
3. Pulling Tires – (30 seconds)
4. Box Jumps – (30 seconds)
5. Push Ups – (30 seconds)
Repeat session 3 to 5 more times!

One tip, for increasing the intensity of Abbie’s workout all you have to do is either increase the weight your working with or bump the intervals up from 30 seconds to 1 minute and to really burn do both.


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